Any ColorSealer can block the simple stains, like coffee, soy sauce & red wine from penetrating into the porous grout. These types of spills are generally cleaned up pretty quickly. Few people leave big sloppy stains sitting around very long. Colorseal products can prevent many permanent stains.The bigger problem with soils on a sealed grout is the slow, oily build up that clings to the surface of other ColorSealers, attracts dust and grime, and becomes difficult to clean. Only our ColorSeals actually repels oils and fats and leaves the surface much easier to clean.


The photo on the left shows what happens when oils contact the floor. Not surprisingly, the untreated grout quickly absorbs the oil like a sponge. The other ColorSealers stop the oil from reaching the grout, but the oil spreads out and soaks into the surface of the sealer.The Grout Tech’s sealed grout actually has a lower surface energy than the ceramic tile, beading up the oil and allowing for easier cleaning.Oil and grease are not just issues in the kitchen. Cosmetic products in the bath, greasy soils near entry ways and pet oils, well, almost anywhere. Easy clean up means less need for harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning. And since the oil repellency is “baked in” and not topical, the effect is not washed off or worn away.

Grout ColorSeal

Recolor Existing Grout & Protect

Whether it’s on floors, counter-tops, or showers, we are the experts when its comes to tile and grout cleaning. Grout is very porous and should be sealed to prevent staining. Grout can stain and accumulate a build up of dirt over time from spills, traffic, and dirty mop water. Our cleaning process cleans the grout thoroughly without damaging the body of the grout. We use specific grout brushes and brush attachments with our equipment to achieve the best results possible. A cleaner is applied to the surface to loosen up the dirt in the grout. It is then mechanically scrubbed clean and the dirty water is extracted. We do not recommend cleaning with harsh chemicals as they can open up the surface of the grout making it even more porous inviting much more unwanted dirt in. Our process will not damage carpets, cabinets, baseboards, or appliances.

Grout can be sealed with a clear penetrating seal or our heavy duty color stain seal. You can choose from one of our 89 colors. Color sealing your grout will restore your grout back to a brand new look giving you ultimate protection against any spills, traffic, or pet accidents.

Proper maintenance is important and easily accomplished. We will provide you with specific instructions for the care and maintenance of your tile and grout.


  • Longest lasting value solution
  • Deep cleans dirt and grime that regular cleaning cannot
  • Leaves grout looking like new
  • All stains in grout will disappear
  • 100% uniform grout color throughout floor
  • Leaves tiles looking brighter
  • Protects grout against all stains guaranteed
  • Comes with a conditional lifetime warranty
  • May not have to ever seal grout again

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Clean Tile & Renew

Clean Grout & Restore Color

Seal Grout & Protect


Grout Repair

Many factors contribute to the breakdown of grout. Whether your grout was installed improperly, or if it has been exposed to caustic chemicals, The Grout Tech can repair or replace any variety of grout.


Shower Door Sweeps And Trim

We replace all shower door sweeps and trim pieces 






We remove old caulking, prep all area’s to be caulked so its as clean as possible to give the best bond possible for the new caulk. We only use Laticrete Latasil 100 percent silicone caulk, we spare no expense when it comes to the products we use!


 Power – Washing

Our mission is to be far above others in quality and service, from power washing to window cleaning, and more. A friendly, long-term relationship with our customers is achieved by offering excellence in quality and satisfaction.

We offer expert power – washing services for all types of residential homes . Call us today for a consultation and estimate. We look forward to hearing from you. Our clients choose us because of our consistent attention to detail. Call 215-678-5077 now for help.

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