When caulking around the seams of your shower, tub, and countertop begins to deteriorate and fail, the areas behind your tile are opened up to much bigger problems. Watertight caulking is necessary to keep moisture from seeping behind your tiled area, and when caulk starts to fail, it should be addressed immediately. Adding more caulk over the old caulk is not the answer, as any mold that has begun to form must first be removed.


When your caulking is damaged and mold has formed underneath, bleach cleaning will not eradicate the mold.  By the time you notice the mold on the surface, it has infiltrated the areas behind your caulk.  Trust The Grout Tech to provide you with professional tile re-caulking to ensure that the source of the mold on the surface of your caulk and tile is eliminated before new caulk is applied.

  • We will completely remove your old caulk and accompanying dirt, mold, and mildew, ridding your kitchen or bath of harmful contaminants
  • We will ensure a watertight seal is achieved with your new silicone caulk
  • With professional bathroom re-caulking, your tub and shower will be fresh and look completely revitalized
  • We use only the best, 100% pure silicone caulking
  • Tile re-caulking will extend the life of your tiled areas, and protect the structure beneath your tile from moisture damage
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